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The Foster Care Program heart

When you volunteer to be a Foster Parent to provide temporary care for one or more dogs or cats, you are helping these animals in so many ways. Not only does fostering help free up space at our locations for additional rescues, but it also helps provide additional and special care for those that need our attention the most.

Fill out a new foster home application to start opening your home to shelter pets.

Generally, there are five different situations requiring a volunteer Foster Home:

  • Infant kittens or puppies that must be bottle-fed.
  • Underage kittens or puppies who eat on their own but are not yet old enough for permanent adoption.
  • A nursing mother and litter who, by being in a shelter situation, cannot receive the attention they need to thrive.
  • Animals in need of lengthy treatment and/or recovery time.
  • Adult animals who do not take well to, or have spent too much time in, a shelter environment but still have the potential to be highly adoptable pets.