With seventy five percent of the $12 million dollars needed to build the new facility secured, phase 1 of The Journey Home will begin on March 1, 2020. The project will be divided into 3 phases, with phase 1 focusing on site development and temporary relocation of current admin and veterinary functions to make way for new construction in phases 2-3. Site development is key to solving the current flooding issues on the 8 acre property. The entire elevation will be raised by roughly 18 inches, with additional drainage and retention ponds created in key areas. Additional funding is still needed for phases 2 through 3 of the project, which include the new adoption center, veterinary clinic and additional housing areas, doubling the current capacity of the shelter

The shelter will stay open throughout construction in order to serve the ever growing demand for services in the community. Increased support from foster families during the year long project will be vital to maintain the current volume of over 2,100 animals saved each year.